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The Torch-Stick Hub

Home of wit, amusement, and no eyes!

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Welcome to the Torch-stick Hub!

NOTE: This community is closed for new updates but is remaining open for anyone to go through and view old posts if they wish. Enjoy.


This is a community for the Torch-sticks, a comic based around the television show Torchwood. All the (super high-tech pen and paper) drawings and dialogue are done by myself, your maintainer, sunnyrea.

Membership is open to all but posting is limited to the maintainer. If you have any Torch-stick creations, such as icons, which you wish to share they can be left in comments or sent to me and I will make a post including them and crediting you.

Beyond that, this community is all about good Torchwood humor and fun!



If your community wishes to become an affiliate of the Torch-sticks leave a comment at my personal journal or in any entry of the community with your request and a link to your community. New affiliates are always welcome!

Icons credited in description, thank you to those who made them!