Sherlock // Lestrade



There will be no further comics or posts made to this community hence forth. The community will remain open for those who wish to go back and look at old comics and enjoy all the lulz.

It was sad to say goodbye and close down but all things must end.
Sherlock // Lestrade

Comics and a goodbye

So, I've been very lax in posting comics lately. I blame it on Children of Earth breaking my heart. That and having a real life taking over. I have three underneath here for you to enjoy.

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I've also decided because of my lack of updates lately and time that I am going to stop drawing the Torch-sticks. I'm going to do one more good bye post as a sort of wrap up and then that'll be it. I will, of course, leave the community and all the posts up and open if anyone wants to go back for a good laugh.